Usage of One Click Passwords

It is very easy to use the tool to create your passwords.

Just select your preferred options and click on "Generate Password(s)" button. The password(s) will be generated and appear under the button instantly.

Click on "Copy" & "Copy all" buttons to copy each password individually or all passwords at once.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The passwords are generated in your browser by using javascript and they are not sent across the internet. You can test this by disabling the javascript in your browser and refresh this page. The generator will not work.

Password creation


  • Do not use personal information (pet names, nicknames, birthday, social security number etc.).
  • Do not use dictionary or real words even if you reverse them (password, drowssap etc.) or if you replace letters with numbers (passw0rd, appl3 etc.).
  • Do not use your username or part of the username as password.
  • Avoid common sequences that can easily be repeated (123456, qwerty, asdf, abcde etc.).
  • Avoid using the same password twice.


  • Use as more characters as you can, minimum 12 characters. Seven or less character passwords do not prevent from a brute-force attack.
  • Include a random mixture of lower and upper case letters, digits and symbols.

Password protection


  • Do not login in any website through insecure HTTP connections. It is very easy for everyone to sniff your credentials. Use ONLY secure HTTPS connections (difference between http and https).
  • Do not write or save your password to unsafe places, like a paper in your desk entitled "My passwords" or a txt file named "passwords.txt" in your desktop. It is like having your pin stuck on your credit card.
  • Do not share your password with other people, especially if you do not know them (forums, social networks etc.).
  • Do not use your passwords when you are connected to public networks, even with your own computer.


  • Try to remember only the very important passwords and store them all by using password management tool. It is safe, easy to use and will solve your memorization problem once and for all.
  • Change your passwords every three to six months. In this way you prevent the unlimited usage of a stolen password that you have not noticed.

Terms of Use

By using our website you agree that we are not responsible for any loss of data or information which may be caused by using passwords generated from our website. The website provides a reliable tool that creates strong and secure passwords but in any case it cannot guarantee the correct usage of them.